Sunday, April 29, 2012

Learning Chinese for Beginner Lesson 3-Tone

We spend a lot of time to focus on pronunciation, in today's lesson we are going to learn Chinese Tone.  But before we start, I would like to disscuss some of the questions that a lot of people ask me when learning in Mandarin.

Question No.1 : Learning Chinese is hard to learn?

If you think it is difficult, then it is difficult.  Well, every language has its own difficult part to learn.  Some languages have very complicated grammar or pronunciation, like German.  Generally speaking, when learning speaking in Mandarin, pinyin and grammar is easy for everyone, and for writing in Chinese characters, that might need longer time for it.  However, that won't be nessaray to stop you for learning in Mandarin.  pinyin and grammar is the main part of learning, learn how to speak is the main part, and dont forget language is all about talking. 

So Let's continue today's lesson focuing on Tone.

Check this vedio as well, then you will be more understand of Tone.

Note: when you practicing, please record yourself to make sure you pronunce correctly. If you have questions, please don't be hesitate to ask for questions.

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Make sure you understand the first three lessons that I provide here, cus next part we are going to learn some vocabulary and grammar.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Learning Chinese For Beginner--Lesson 2 : Pinyin !!!!

Okay...Has anybody done their homework ? Do you remember the 29 alphabet? Can you pronunce right? Before you jump into this session, you need to remember those alphabet. CUS THAT'S THE FUNDATION OF SPEAKING in MANDARIN.  Learning a new language, needs time and patience.  MEMORY, MEMORY. MEMORY. REVIEW, REVIEW, REVIEW. 

I remembered one of the scientific study shows that on average, people who wants to memorize a new vocabulary needs to look at  that word for AT LEAST SIX TIMES.  So just use your own spare time to study in Chinese everyday, such as while going to the bathroom, taking on a bus, or drviving.  I want the people who visit this website, commit themselves to actually invest time learning in Chinese.  I update this blog everyday.  If you encounter questions for my material, you are welcome to leave a message.

So today's Goal is just only ONE, and it is a VERY IMPORTANT ONE, THAT IS PINYIN !!! Remeber yesterday what I said about pinyin, the definition about pinyin is "Chinese Phonetic System for pronuncing Chinese Character". Pinyin is not English, we just use this system to help you know how to pronunce Chinese Characters.  Yesterday, we covered a little bit about today's lesson.  we will organised those chinese alphabet for you today. 

1. Pinyin (Initial Consonants : b,p,m,p,d,t,n,l,g,k,h,j,q,x,z,y,w)

2 Pinyin (Initial Consonants : c, zh, ch, sh, r)

3. Pinyin (Vowels : Simple Vowels a, o, e, i, u) 

4. Pinyin (Compound Vowels) 

1. This person on youtube is not Me, I just use this vedio as a demonstration. 

2. You can compare today's vedio with Lesson one vedio, watch those vedio together will help you understand a lot. 

3. Homework : put all those Consonants and vowls into cards, revised when you have time and see can you pronunce correctly. 

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Learning Chinese For Beginner--Lesson 1 : Pronunciation,Tone and Alphabet

Okay..There are so many chinese learning websites, and contain so many information, how do you choose a right website wont confused you and can keep you motivated?  My blog is for the self learner who really interested in learning Chinese.  Learning Chinese on your own I think that's possible, but you need to find the right way.  I feel the most important thing is your PRONUNCIATION.

Pronunciation is key for learning any language.  You need to be able to communicate with others when you learn a new language. When you learn in speaking Chinese, you need to be able to SOUNDS like talking in Chinese.  For my students, the first and the very important thing is to correct the pronunciation.  So the goal of this lesson:

1. general background of pinyin and tone,
2. pronunce chinese Alphabet. 

1.  General Background of Pinyin and Tone :  the definition of pinyin is Chinese Phonetic System for pronuncing Chinese Character.  Remember! Chinese Character has ONE syllable.  Tone; There are 4 types of tone, Different tone with the same syllable, has different meaning.  WATCH THIS VEDIO BELOW AND FOCUS ON PRONUNCIATION. NOTE: This person is not me, I am just using this video to demonstrate. 

2. The second vedio is for your alphabet pronunciation.  Chinese has 29 alphabet, you need to memorize all these 29 alphabet how to pronunce when you see them. then next step you will know how to use Chinese Pinyin. 

Assignment: you can do your own  alphabet cards, totally has 29 cards, always bring it with you and revise and you canalso  record how you sound when you repeat after those vedio.  That will always help your pronunciation. 

If you need online tutoring for your Chinese, I am in buddyschool teaching now, username is kai0224liu