Sunday, April 29, 2012

Learning Chinese for Beginner Lesson 3-Tone

We spend a lot of time to focus on pronunciation, in today's lesson we are going to learn Chinese Tone.  But before we start, I would like to disscuss some of the questions that a lot of people ask me when learning in Mandarin.

Question No.1 : Learning Chinese is hard to learn?

If you think it is difficult, then it is difficult.  Well, every language has its own difficult part to learn.  Some languages have very complicated grammar or pronunciation, like German.  Generally speaking, when learning speaking in Mandarin, pinyin and grammar is easy for everyone, and for writing in Chinese characters, that might need longer time for it.  However, that won't be nessaray to stop you for learning in Mandarin.  pinyin and grammar is the main part of learning, learn how to speak is the main part, and dont forget language is all about talking. 

So Let's continue today's lesson focuing on Tone.

Check this vedio as well, then you will be more understand of Tone.

Note: when you practicing, please record yourself to make sure you pronunce correctly. If you have questions, please don't be hesitate to ask for questions.

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Make sure you understand the first three lessons that I provide here, cus next part we are going to learn some vocabulary and grammar.

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