Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Introducing China(II)_Are you interested in having business in China?

Today I want to introduce a podcase is for people who want to have businesses in China. It's called AisaBizBlog from Rich Kuslan, you can download in itune or you can visit his website. In his blog, he talks discusses " vital business, legal and cultural issues that affect your business in Asia, with a speical focus in China".  There are 41 episodes disscuessed that pretty much can give you "some idea" about having business over there. 

Rich Kuslan is an American, he is a white guy from New York and he is a laywer, I think he has an office somewhere in NY.  According to his blog, he seems have lots of experiences in China and Taiwan. He also speaks in Japanese too.  I guess he is quite familiar with Asian country.  Unforunately, his blog has not been updated for quite a while, and I also joined his tweeter but he seems not using it for a long time.  However, I think his podcast is still worth to listen and so does his blog.  Please do visit and use is podcast as a source if you are interested in China.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Introduing China (I)_I want to see China!!

Today I am gonna introducing one podcast is about his experiences of living in China.  This podcast called, old world/new world couple, life in Shanghai China.  I don't know what is the host name, I guess I will call him Mr. old world, you can download his podcast on itune. Unfortunately, he has no website available so I cant give you his link. 

This guy moved from Buenos Aires to Shanghai China in 2009, in his podcast he gives detailed life of living in Shanghai from picking up in airport, health issue, destination, culture, food, impression and etc. Anthing you can think.  He total has 135 episodes recorded so far. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Learning Chinese for Beginners_Lesson 7_How are you ? and what is your name?

In this lesson, I would like to give you guys more vocabulary this time, the vedio I am using is from World Learner Chinese, they have 4 podcast in itune and 3 vedio on youtube now but most of the learning materials are quite old like about 3 years ago.  I like thier sites especially about the forum but their last post is 3 years ago so that means basically no body is using that site anymore. 

First Vedio : It's a little bit long, but most of the time spend on explaining the vocabulary. 

Second Vedio: how you said that what is your name in Chinese?


1. How to say Good Morning in Chinese?

2. How to say Good afternoon in Chinese?

3. How to say Good night in Chinese?

4. How to say " what's your name in Chinese" and how to answer it?

5. How to say " Nice to meet you in Chinese"

6.  Is there another way to say Good Morning in chinese?

Anwers all these 6 questions in the comment I can offer you 15 min free skype Chinese lesson.  I can check your pronunce and practice the conversation or basically you can ask any questions related to learning Chinese, please take chances and hurry up answer all the questions. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Learning Chinese for beginners_Introducing one website_Emory College Language Center

Just let you know that there are some websites that I won't introduce to you.

1. The wesbite I PERSONALLY won't use to learn in Chinese if I were a self  learner. 

2.  There are tons of chinese learning websites, I ONLY introude you the sites that are accurate, clear and full of learning materials.  I dont like waste of everybody's time. 

3.  I only introudce you Free sites.  If it's not free, I probablly won't include in my learning material.  My theory is that there are plenty of good and free learning material online, why not use it first and wait untill YOU are 100% sure, you love Chinese this language, then invest yourself for improving this language.  Part of the reason I say that is because that's the way I learn a language.  I always join a free course or use a free material if I can, then untill I learn a period of time, I 100% sure I like that language then I go purchase more materials. 


Here I want to introduce 3 apps from Emory College of learning in Chinese.  All 3 apps are from iTune U.  I want everybody to do some revisions from those 3 apps. 

1.  go iTune U and type Emory College Language Center Mandarin Chinese-Pinyin.  There are 5 episodes. 

2. Emory College Language Center Mandarin Chinese-Numbers. Emory college is very fouced on Chinese characters learning. They don't teach separately, pinyin and chinese characters.  So in this learning numbers app, you can see what the chinese characters are.  It's short, and I just want you to have a sense of chinese characters.  For example, how to write one in chinese character.

3. Emory College Lanuguage Center-Mandarin Chinese-Radicals.  There are total 41 episodes.  It's very short, and this app is OPTIONAL, it's for those who are interested in learning writing chinese characters.  For example, if you want to learn how to write "woman" in chinese character.  Or you want to learn " rain" in chinese character.  I mean you will be amazed how different compared to characters in English.  However, I dont want you to be overwhelmed.  Just take easy, step by step.  Actually, it's very beautiful.  I love our chinese characters. 

Learning Chinese for begginer_Lesson 6 Numbers

I assume that everyone can tell what learning strategies that I am using is that in each lesson I will bring a different tool from different sites or companies or materials for you guys.  I will find all those currently produce learning chinese language companies, and you guys decide which one is best for you.  So far I havent got any money from any websites that I introduced.  I dont know in the future I will want to earn money from this blog I am wrting or not, but so far is not. 

Today, I want to introudce a website that I found it from iTune U.  If you have ipad or iphone, please download their course, its free. Its called Beginners' Chinese-Audio from The Open University.  In each audio, it's not long, between 1min-3min.  In each lesson, they all have transcript. I think that is really important for a self chinese learner. I am also welcome EVERYONE asking me questions regarding any of the webites that I already introduced, you have questions when you read their transcript or you dont understand how their explaination, please don't be hesitate to ask me. 

The Open University has lots of free courses, its worth to have a look, and in their language courses, there are other languages to learn instead of just chinese learning.  The Open University is from UK, and its mainly for distance learning and adult education.  Please do use this free resource online.

Unforunately, they don't put their audio on thier website so I can't show you the sample of learning Numbers in Chinese, so I will use youtube instead, Leaning Numbers from one to ten.

1. I want each of you to memorize it and speak very fluently (means talking in a fast speed without making any mistakes).

2. I also want you guys to memorize the pinyin from one to ten.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Learning Chinese for Begginer_Lesson 5_GreetingsII

So far I still open the first 5 people for a free skype chinese lesson, each lesson for 15 min, if you are a self learner and want to find a native Chinese speaker to correct your pronounciation. So please take the chance.

In today's lesson, I want to teach everyone how to introduce themselves, please listen to this  MP3 below:

Greetings II

(This Podcast is from Chineselearnonline Lesson 2 Greetings, please open their page for more learning material and also you can download their free podcast from iphone, it's free)

Every lesson, they have Vocabulary, Complete, Notes, Hints and Tips for you to learn. 

Vocabulary :

i.e. nǐ hǎo
nǐ hǎo ma?
wǒ hěn hǎo

tā hǎo ma?
tā hěn hǎo

Complete :

This is a very good material for you guys to learn.  Every lesson they have 3 kinds of transcript, 1 pinyin transcript, 2 simplified Chinese transcript, 3 Traditional transcript. 

I want everybody to listen to this Podcast without transcript, and then the second time listen to this Podcast with the pinyin transcript, if you want to challenge yourself you can choose either traditional chinese or simplified chinese to read while listening.  This is a very good practice and I want everybody do that for homework. 

Notes :


Nǐ hǎo

The literal translation is "you good". Many adjectives in Chinese also function as verbs. So here, "good" also functions as "to be good".


Nǐ hǎo ma?

This is asked more seriously than in English, where we casually ask "how are you?" It is usually asked of people you haven’t seen for a long time.

Wǒ hěn hǎo

The hěn has a lighter meaning than "very" in English, so here, hěn hǎo could mean "pretty good."
©2009 www.chineselearnonline.com Lesson 2 Vocabulary & Notes Page 4/4

Pronoun summary:

Nǐ Wǒ Tā

Note: while the pronunciation of tā for he and she is the same, when written there are separate characters for he (
) and she().

Tāhǎ ma?

Tāhě hǎ


Xièxie nǐ

Note: When the same character is repeated as in the above example, the second one frequently adopts a neutral tone


The literal meaning is "again meet" or see you again (later)

Culture Note: When greeting someone in China, it is common to bow your head. For formal occasions, they will also shake hands as in the West. When businessmen meet it is obligatory to exchange business cards. "

( I copy and paste for this section from their learning material, it's free to download it for everyone, so please do so cus that help a lot for your learning)

Hints and Tips

"Make a list of all the reasons you have for wanting to learn Chinese. Perhaps you could

structure this list into what good things will happen to you if you were able to speak

Chinese. Imagine yourself in that situation - having reached your goals. What would it

feel like? Now make a list of what would happen if you didn’t reach those goals. What

would it be like to be in the same situation but not knowing how to speak Chinese? From

time to time when you get frustrated in your learning attempts (a point we all get to at

some stage), come back to this list for motivation." from Chineselearnonline

Learning chinese-Introducing a good website-online Chinese tutor-EteacherChinese

If you have visited this website before, then you would know that I am really interested in "online tutoring business". I am a chinese online tutor and I am also looking for good companies have the same interests like me.  eTeacher Online Language Academey is one of them who has online tutoring services.  They are an international company, "a Swiss private investment firm that believes in creating value through long-term, socially responsible global investments in various fields, including education."

In eTeacher group, they have eTeacher English, eTeacher Chinese, eTeacher Hebrew and eTeacher Biblical Hebrew, eTeacher Yiddish, it's all online turtoring services. You can learn online and have customed learning sevices at your own convenience. 

In eTeacherChinese, their teacher is all from Beijin China. They all speak both fluently Chinese and English, this is all thier faculty profile, for those who are interested in can go to their page.   I don't know why their teachers are all female, they put all their teacher's profile, teaching experiences, education and etc.  You can choose the one you like and learn from her or if you don't have particual preference,  simply just call and schedule lessons.  They have excellent customer services in USA&Canada and Worldwide. 

In their course, they have BeginnerA & B, Intermediate C&D, Advanced E; Business Chinese A&B; Reading and Writing A&B. In every course programme, they provide detailed information, syllabus and contact information.  I feel they provide good programme and right now they have $300 cupon in thier website, please go check if you are interested in learning Chinese. Press here for Courses information.

Also in their tool box is a free online resource that you can use, I found Chinese Newsletter, Chinese English Dictionary, and Names in Chinese are interesting, go check it out, you can find more insight view about Chinese culture. 

Finally, if you are interested in thier affiliate programme, you can join for free, but I need to mention it, I havent join any of their affiliate programme, so you click any of the link from my website, I won't get any commissions. 

Finally Happy Learning and Happy earning. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Learning Chinese for Begginer Lesson 4--Greeting.

From last three lessons, We focus on our pronuciation, let's do some revision first. 

Question No. 1 what is pinyin?

Question No. 2 Can you all pronunce all the alphabet correctly?

Question No. 3 Do you know how many tones that Chinese language has?

You can find all the answers from the previous three lessons, I open the oportunities for everyone, the first 5 people leave the message and answer those three questions correctly, I will offer them 15 min free lesson online one by one.  So hurry up find your answers in previous lessons and get free lesson from me. 

Let's watch this video first

This video is easy, it covers a little bit tone from previous lessons, and there are som vocabulary and some sentences for you to learn.  what are the new vocabulary for this video?

Let's watch what other video show you how to say hello in Chinese

This video is a little bit long but be patience, so right now you know how to say hello in Chinese now? 

Learning Chinese--Introducing a good website--Melnyks.com

How is everyone learning so far? Do you memorize all the pinyin already? Today I want to introduce a really good website, called Mandarin Chinese Lessons with Serge Melnyk. In his wesbite, you can find all the chinese learning material you want, from begginer to advanced.  Moreover, every lesson with audio file that you can download free from iphone and ipad.  Just go itune pocast and type in Mandarin chinese lessons with serge Melnyk, their pocast is free to download, and so far thier pocast review is 5 stars.   You can also choose to join for the membership, they have different kinds of offer in their membership.  

Serge Melnyk studied Mandarin for almost 25 years and spent the last 17 years living in China. Currently, He spends his time between Vancouver, Canada and Shanghai, China. He has a Master’s degree in Asian Studies and Chinese linguistics from a prestigious university and He used to work for many years as educational director in the international school in Shanghai.

What I also found really good about this website is that thier transcript provided with both traditionally Mandarin and Simplified Mandarin.  Most of the website only showed simplified Mandarin but actually if you go to Taiwan and Hongkong, people over there are speaking Mandarin and with written in traditional Mandarin, China is with simplified Mandarin.  They both sounds the same the only different is the written work. 

In his website, even join membership is not free, but if you really want to learn a language well, good investment is needed, but before you pay, you can listen to their free poscast or in his website, they have 30 free chinese lessons to download, and in every lesson, he all put the questions that students ask him and his answers, you are also welcome to ask him questions, they will reply you within 24 hours.  Besides lessons, they also offer online chinese tutoring, $500 for 10 hours lessons, 1 hour a week.  So if you are interested, you can schedule for the lessons. 

Right now they already have over 200 audio lessons and PDF transcript, you can learn in your own pace, whenever you have 15-20 min a week.  You can start from zero and just follow thier lessons step by step, you can download their audio file from ipad, iphone, listen to the file on the car or at home.  Just make sure each lesson is interconnected and every lesson has new vocabulary to learn and reviewed. 

Okay, finally, once again, I get no commission for introducing this website, I just simply feel this is a good website for any chinese learners.  I am also very welcome people asking any questions related to chinese learning, and I am also an online tutor too, email me for the lessons (kai0224liu@gmail.com), $20 for one hour. Thank you so much.