Monday, May 7, 2012

Learning Chinese--Introducing a good

How is everyone learning so far? Do you memorize all the pinyin already? Today I want to introduce a really good website, called Mandarin Chinese Lessons with Serge Melnyk. In his wesbite, you can find all the chinese learning material you want, from begginer to advanced.  Moreover, every lesson with audio file that you can download free from iphone and ipad.  Just go itune pocast and type in Mandarin chinese lessons with serge Melnyk, their pocast is free to download, and so far thier pocast review is 5 stars.   You can also choose to join for the membership, they have different kinds of offer in their membership.  

Serge Melnyk studied Mandarin for almost 25 years and spent the last 17 years living in China. Currently, He spends his time between Vancouver, Canada and Shanghai, China. He has a Master’s degree in Asian Studies and Chinese linguistics from a prestigious university and He used to work for many years as educational director in the international school in Shanghai.

What I also found really good about this website is that thier transcript provided with both traditionally Mandarin and Simplified Mandarin.  Most of the website only showed simplified Mandarin but actually if you go to Taiwan and Hongkong, people over there are speaking Mandarin and with written in traditional Mandarin, China is with simplified Mandarin.  They both sounds the same the only different is the written work. 

In his website, even join membership is not free, but if you really want to learn a language well, good investment is needed, but before you pay, you can listen to their free poscast or in his website, they have 30 free chinese lessons to download, and in every lesson, he all put the questions that students ask him and his answers, you are also welcome to ask him questions, they will reply you within 24 hours.  Besides lessons, they also offer online chinese tutoring, $500 for 10 hours lessons, 1 hour a week.  So if you are interested, you can schedule for the lessons. 

Right now they already have over 200 audio lessons and PDF transcript, you can learn in your own pace, whenever you have 15-20 min a week.  You can start from zero and just follow thier lessons step by step, you can download their audio file from ipad, iphone, listen to the file on the car or at home.  Just make sure each lesson is interconnected and every lesson has new vocabulary to learn and reviewed. 

Okay, finally, once again, I get no commission for introducing this website, I just simply feel this is a good website for any chinese learners.  I am also very welcome people asking any questions related to chinese learning, and I am also an online tutor too, email me for the lessons (, $20 for one hour. Thank you so much.

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