Tuesday, June 19, 2012

American VS Taiwanese (I)

I have lived in the USA for the fourth year, the first two years I was living in Florida, and latter I moved to Houston and stay here untill now. 

However, USA is not the first foreign country that I have ever lived with.  I lived in the UK for two years for my study, I did a master degree in bussiness over there, I will say British culture and American culture, they are completely different, I personally more preferred British culture I feel more like me.  So when I first came here, I need lots of time to adapt the culture.  Here are what I found some of interesting culture difference:

* Seafood

I found you guys like your seafood fried, and actually you guys eat a lot of fried food, such as fried fish, fried chicken, fried photato, fried vegetables and etc.  BUT we like our seafood eat fresh, so we eat it RAW like Sashimi or sushi.  Raw fish is more like Japanese cuisine but somehow Taiwanese loves it and so does Chinese. 

* Tea

I know you guys drink tea such as iced tea, peach tea and etc, and you guys have tea with your meal, I think that's a healthy things instead of just having soda or coffee. But you guys SWEET tea actually and not so much into HOT TEA, probably is the fact of the humid weather, I personally can not have hot tea in Houston, actually never, cus it is not too hot. 

Taiwanese drink hot tea and we drink it in tea time and we LOVE GREEN TEA, HOT, NO SUGAR.  you can drink iced green tea too, it is a very healthy diet drink.  It is no carorie. The way we make tea is quite different too, we have our china to make tea, some of the china is antique too can we keep it to pass to generation to generation.  

* Transportation

American heavily rely on their perosnal vehicle, I mean if you have no cars, you have no legs.  Every househole has at least one car sometimes two or three cars.  But in Taiwan or China, you can see the maintransportation is not Cars is scooter or bicycles, I mean lots of them, crowded, messy, nasty.  The pollution is bad I mean you dont want to drive over there.



  1. Lots of differences isn't there? Southerners are especially bad for fried foods and sweet tea. I admit I am really bad for sweet tea. I try to limit the frying of foods though. I am glad you are experiencing the culture

    1. Thank u for ur reply, we eat lots of fried food too, we fried everything lol frying is a really important skill of cooking for every cultures, I know American likes it, Taiwanese and Chinese love it, and? India?