Saturday, June 16, 2012

Teavana--Telling something about American Tea Culture

Drinking Tea plays an very important part of Chinese eating habits.  We normally drink a hot tea after eating all the meal for helping digest or just have a hot cup of tea in the afternoon tea time. 

Tea is better than Coffee in some research, it shows that it can prevent cancer and anti-aging. So it is a very good stuff and I encourage all the American or the whole world can drink more tea.  Tea is cheapter too. in Starbucks, an iced coffee is like $3 or $4, but a big cup of tea of $0.99 and it is healthier. 

Teavana is a teah shop that I like, normally if I go shopping in a mall, and there is a Teavana tea shop, I will go there and grab a cup of iced tea and you can choose the flavor you like rather than go in Starbucks for a skype high carories drink.  Tea is NO carories if you put no sugar in it. 

In Teavana tea, any tea is ZERO carorie.  Even a fruit tea or herbal tea or anything, all no carorie, which is VERY GOOD.  I found out American like to put all kinds of cherry, fruits, flowers in your tea which is very different compared with Chinese flavour.  In Hot Tea, we don't like sweet tea, we normally drink GREEN tea.  I love Green tea, but American don't, you guys love black tea.  

So please go visit their websit and give them a try to have a cup of their tea and see you like it or not.

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