Sunday, June 10, 2012

Introducing a new learning chinese website--BBC Learn Chinese with free lessons

Well untill now I don't feel a lot of people interested in learning chinese.  So I will bring up more interesting stuff in terms of culture background or just write something is totally different.  Write more my personal life so you will know chinese culture better. 

Anyway, today I am going to introduce a new website, Learn Chinese with free lessons from BBC , well BBC learning series is all good quality, and I think that's the best learning a second language programme.  They have 10 short videos intorduced to learn a little bit vocabulary, grammar. They also have stuff for kids to learn, stuff for culture background, stuff for writing and etc.  So I am trying to do is to give you variety of websites for you to choose and see what others explain and teach you.  It gives more tools to try which one suits you best. 

I will say learning chinese series  is now stop.  My next article I will try to write something more different and more interesting. 



  1. I am interested to learn Mandarin. Thanks for the website suggestion. I find it difficult to write Chinese characters.

    1. Come back ask any question any time. I will put some free learning material for my students.