Friday, June 15, 2012

From Kung Fu Panda to know chinese cultures

I like Kung Fu Panda this series, right now it has already panda 2 comes out.  In every Panda movie contains rich chinese cultures inside, and uses an interesting element which is Chinese kong fu to let American or the whole world know about Chinese culture.

Start from the Panda 2, I watched this movie twice.  I like it. This movie talks about " inner peace" this time.  " Inner peace" is a very chinese philosophy stuff, which is hard to understand.  Even me sometimes dont know how to reach "inner peace" or how to get" inner peace".  From this movie, we can see how Po gets inner peace in this story. 

For my understanding, inner peace means put ur past behind you, and live in ur life now without any disturbing from the past.  A lot of people can not put their past behind them and move on cus they somehow full of hatred, jealous, and pain they have in thier life.  So that's an old chinese philosophy worth to know and to apply in ur life. 

For Panda 1, the main meaning of this movie is " there is no accident in life", everything is well planned in ur life.  This idea is more christian to be honest because it means there is someone out there planned or arranged everything for you.  God is the one planned ur life for you.  So if you don't like ur life right now, God must be give u something BETTER for your future. If you think ur failure is unfair, in this life in no accident philoshophy, that means u need to accept ur current life right now, and live to what u has right now.  Don't regret cus life is no accident. 

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