Friday, September 7, 2012

Massage Envy_Facial Part

My family member joined the membership and they have credit they didn't use it, so I went over Massage Envy and I did their 1 hour Facial programme, and the service was excellent, and after the treatment, my face feels so so so good.  I recommend everyone to join or at least to try their first trial session, they have affordable price and excellent services.  I definitely will do my Facial once a month. 

So if you are the first time member, try to be their store 15 minute earlier because they need to look at your health and face conditions, and then they will lead you to a private room, you need to take off all your upper body clothes, bra, and necklace.  It is because, they will not only just put the product on your face but also putting on your shoulder.  Meanwhile, your therapist will engage the upper body massage for you too.  So it's really relax. 

Murad® Healthy Skin facials

"Murad® Healthy Skin facials feature groundbreaking Murad skincare products that are specially formulated for Massage Envy Spa facial treatments. All four types of facials offer essentially therapeutic solutions for guests with skin disorders and concerns."  source from Massage Envy.

Murad Healthy is their product line, their product is very calm, I have a sensitive skin and the one I used is vitamin C.  I feel very good afterwards after using their product, and before the treatment, your therapist will check your skin, see which one is best for you. 

Steps in the Session.

1. Steam your face and clean your face too. 

2. Check your skin carefully and see which treatment is best for you.

(my therapist told me I need some pigment lightening treatment, I hate my spot on my face, even it's light but I still hate it)

3. Clean your blackhead

(I personally have some blackhead on my nose, and some on my face, but I don't have breakout.)

4. Put the product on my face.

5. Massage your hands

6. Clean the product on my face

7. Put another product on my face

8. Massage my shoulder

9. Clean my face.

10. Finally, massage your face and make sure everything is clean on your face. 

After the treatment, I feel my face is SO CLEAN and the skin looks so nice.  My family member she said that after the treatment, she can put the make up on flawlessly.  I personally don't use too much make up so I don't know how that feel, but I do feel my skin looks so nice and touches so nice.  

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