Sunday, September 9, 2012

{Woman} Rihanna & Chris Brown.

Rihanna is a very popular and well known international singer.  Being famous in such a young age brings her paparazzi everywhere.  I love her songs, and I think she has such a unique voice that nobody has the same voice like hers,  but not until I watched Oprah Next Chapter that Oprah interviewed Rihanna and made me get to know Rihanna a little bit closer. 


"Oprah travels to Rihanna's home island of Barbados for a rare, no-holds-barred conversation with the pop superstar about her career, the recent passing of her grandmother and the price of fame. In an emotional discussion, Rihanna reveals how she really feels about her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown—and her relationship with him today".   Read more:

I feel during the interview, Rihanna genuinely reveals her true feeling, which is goo for her fans and for the people want to know her more.  I believe what she said and what she showed us, her hometown, her feeling is true, instead of a "staged performance". 

So when she said about how she feels about her ex-boyfriend beat her and the news came out, it shock the world, she feels really hurt from that incident, during the interview, she said that she lost her best friend, and actually the reason he hit her and beat her so bad is because he needs help

what she said really shock the world, because she still loves him or at least keep a really good relationship with her ex boyfriend.  How many of you thinks she is crazy. I can't believe what I heard on the show, and just two days ago, she hug and kissed Chris Brown on MTV Video Music Reward.  How many of you think she is even crazier. 
In fact, a lot of woman tolerate domestic violence because of the kids, they suffer for the family so a lot of woman would still choose to forgive the man and not telling anybody.  I heard a lot of stories like this, but Rihanna surprises me is because SHE IS SO YOUNG, AND THAT'S HER EX-BOYFRIEND, NOT EX-HUSBAND.  

She must so in love with him.  Well what can rest of us say anything about it, that's her decision, she believes that HE JUST NEEDS HELP, so I just wish her have a happy life, that's it. 

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  1. I think she still loves him and this may be her way to move on