Saturday, September 15, 2012

{TV Review} Glee season 4 premiere the new Rachel

I am not a really Glee fan, just be honest with you. At least I am not really crazy for collecting every character's hats, posters, buying their album and their T-shirt stuff like that Or follow them everywhere.  But, I did watched a few of their show and their Glee 3D Concert Movie in the paste, I enjoyed it.  I like a couple of their songs, and honestly, sometimes I feel some of their songs in Glee are better than the original performers. 

The most main reason for me not following Glee show is because they are not in my age.  I am almost 30, away from high school for a long long time.   So It's entertaining to watch some of their show dancing and seeing but after that I would rather focus on my own stuff.  

I heard a lot of people say that Glee is for everybody to watch it, because each people can always find their problems or related to the characters in Glee.  Now I believe in that.  In the season 4, after Rachel graduated from high school, the members of the club have a new question which is " who is the new Rachel?" One of the new characters,  Marley, a small town girl who, like Rachel, dreams of the big city. I like Marley immediately, especially she is a girl from a poor family and Marley’s mother, a cafeteria lady who does the best she can to provide for her daughter.

Trisha Rae Stahl, who plays Marley’s mother in this new season.  In the episode, she even sews designer labels into her daughter’s clothing to make sure her kid will not be made fun of by some other kids.   In every school, we can see people like this, work in the kitchen,  the heat make them sweat, can't wear nice suite or look neat, because they work in the KITCHEN.  Serve food to kids in the lunch time.  People normally won't pay attention to those people in the kitchen. 

Overall, the other storyline that I am interested in is how Rachel gonna be in New York, how mean her teacher gonna treat her, and how much sacrifice she needs to make to pursuit her dream.  So I think I will keep following Glee Show and I want to say to people that Don't give up for your dream.  

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