Monday, September 17, 2012

{TV Review} Abby & Brittany

Abby &Brittany is a conjoined twin, and right now they have a reality show on TLC.  So far they showed their graduation, they went on a road trip, and they went to London and Italy, from their show, we can see how Abby&Brittany's life, their friends and their family.  Most importantly, we can see their personalities and know them better.  

What really surprises me is from their show, you will be amazed what they are capable of doing things, like they want to be teachers, so they went to teach kids, and kids love them. They went to a restaurant and doing pizza.  They went to London and be a foreigner country.   They are so brave and bright, I think everybody will love them when watching their show. 

When people see conjoined twin, normally they will see these words together such as "disabled" or "freak" or "unusual", when those misconceptions are deeply in people's mind due to lack of information brought to the public. 

But when you see Abby&Brittany, I see nothing but normal, bright, funny, silly, adventurous girls
, they look just like normal 20 something years old girls, they have worries, they have dreams, they want to fall in love just like everybody does that.  

It also may me wonder, so how many conjoined twins in the world and are not being broadcasted to the TV and let us to know their life their struggles.  Here are what I found, more conjoined twin :

In this 2007 file photo, conjoined twin Romanian sisters Anastasia, left, and Tatiana Dogaru play in their Dallas apartment, this photo was taking in 2009, and I wonder how these sisters are right now?

The five-month-old boys, who were joined from the chest to the pelvis, were separated in a 14-hour operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital last month, this photo was taken in 2010, so I wonder how these boys doing now. 

So you can see, normally the conjoined twin will try to have surgery as early as they can to have a more " normal healthy life".  But in Abby and Brittany's case, it's not.  They have conjoined untill now for 22 years and they still survive.  This is miracle and they act so normal and crazy.  I think it will be fun to be friends with them.. 

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