Monday, May 7, 2012

Learning Chinese for Begginer Lesson 4--Greeting.

From last three lessons, We focus on our pronuciation, let's do some revision first. 

Question No. 1 what is pinyin?

Question No. 2 Can you all pronunce all the alphabet correctly?

Question No. 3 Do you know how many tones that Chinese language has?

You can find all the answers from the previous three lessons, I open the oportunities for everyone, the first 5 people leave the message and answer those three questions correctly, I will offer them 15 min free lesson online one by one.  So hurry up find your answers in previous lessons and get free lesson from me. 

Let's watch this video first

This video is easy, it covers a little bit tone from previous lessons, and there are som vocabulary and some sentences for you to learn.  what are the new vocabulary for this video?

Let's watch what other video show you how to say hello in Chinese

This video is a little bit long but be patience, so right now you know how to say hello in Chinese now? 

Finally, Let me organised the new Vocabulary today:

1.Nĭ Hăo : 你好,

Greeting people, say Hi you can use Nĭ Hăo

2. wo jiao : 我叫...,
                 My name is....

eg:  My name is Peter.

 3. ni jiao: 你叫....,
                   your name is.....
eg, Your name is Mary.

So as you can see, I still take easy for the first few lesson because I only give you guys 3 vocabulary, please do practice at home and please come back for more, Thank you. 

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