Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Introducing China(II)_Are you interested in having business in China?

Today I want to introduce a podcase is for people who want to have businesses in China. It's called AisaBizBlog from Rich Kuslan, you can download in itune or you can visit his website. In his blog, he talks discusses " vital business, legal and cultural issues that affect your business in Asia, with a speical focus in China".  There are 41 episodes disscuessed that pretty much can give you "some idea" about having business over there. 

Rich Kuslan is an American, he is a white guy from New York and he is a laywer, I think he has an office somewhere in NY.  According to his blog, he seems have lots of experiences in China and Taiwan. He also speaks in Japanese too.  I guess he is quite familiar with Asian country.  Unforunately, his blog has not been updated for quite a while, and I also joined his tweeter but he seems not using it for a long time.  However, I think his podcast is still worth to listen and so does his blog.  Please do visit and use is podcast as a source if you are interested in China.


  1. I have always thinking of visiting china since we buy lots of things from them ,it is always nice to get investment ideas in these time.

    1. Yeah it will be fun to travel over there.