Thursday, May 10, 2012

Learning chinese-Introducing a good website-online Chinese tutor-EteacherChinese

If you have visited this website before, then you would know that I am really interested in "online tutoring business". I am a chinese online tutor and I am also looking for good companies have the same interests like me.  eTeacher Online Language Academey is one of them who has online tutoring services.  They are an international company, "a Swiss private investment firm that believes in creating value through long-term, socially responsible global investments in various fields, including education."

In eTeacher group, they have eTeacher English, eTeacher Chinese, eTeacher Hebrew and eTeacher Biblical Hebrew, eTeacher Yiddish, it's all online turtoring services. You can learn online and have customed learning sevices at your own convenience. 

In eTeacherChinese, their teacher is all from Beijin China. They all speak both fluently Chinese and English, this is all thier faculty profile, for those who are interested in can go to their page.   I don't know why their teachers are all female, they put all their teacher's profile, teaching experiences, education and etc.  You can choose the one you like and learn from her or if you don't have particual preference,  simply just call and schedule lessons.  They have excellent customer services in USA&Canada and Worldwide. 

In their course, they have BeginnerA & B, Intermediate C&D, Advanced E; Business Chinese A&B; Reading and Writing A&B. In every course programme, they provide detailed information, syllabus and contact information.  I feel they provide good programme and right now they have $300 cupon in thier website, please go check if you are interested in learning Chinese. Press here for Courses information.

Also in their tool box is a free online resource that you can use, I found Chinese Newsletter, Chinese English Dictionary, and Names in Chinese are interesting, go check it out, you can find more insight view about Chinese culture. 

Finally, if you are interested in thier affiliate programme, you can join for free, but I need to mention it, I havent join any of their affiliate programme, so you click any of the link from my website, I won't get any commissions. 

Finally Happy Learning and Happy earning. 

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