Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Learning Chinese for beginners_Introducing one website_Emory College Language Center

Just let you know that there are some websites that I won't introduce to you.

1. The wesbite I PERSONALLY won't use to learn in Chinese if I were a self  learner. 

2.  There are tons of chinese learning websites, I ONLY introude you the sites that are accurate, clear and full of learning materials.  I dont like waste of everybody's time. 

3.  I only introudce you Free sites.  If it's not free, I probablly won't include in my learning material.  My theory is that there are plenty of good and free learning material online, why not use it first and wait untill YOU are 100% sure, you love Chinese this language, then invest yourself for improving this language.  Part of the reason I say that is because that's the way I learn a language.  I always join a free course or use a free material if I can, then untill I learn a period of time, I 100% sure I like that language then I go purchase more materials. 


Here I want to introduce 3 apps from Emory College of learning in Chinese.  All 3 apps are from iTune U.  I want everybody to do some revisions from those 3 apps. 

1.  go iTune U and type Emory College Language Center Mandarin Chinese-Pinyin.  There are 5 episodes. 

2. Emory College Language Center Mandarin Chinese-Numbers. Emory college is very fouced on Chinese characters learning. They don't teach separately, pinyin and chinese characters.  So in this learning numbers app, you can see what the chinese characters are.  It's short, and I just want you to have a sense of chinese characters.  For example, how to write one in chinese character.

3. Emory College Lanuguage Center-Mandarin Chinese-Radicals.  There are total 41 episodes.  It's very short, and this app is OPTIONAL, it's for those who are interested in learning writing chinese characters.  For example, if you want to learn how to write "woman" in chinese character.  Or you want to learn " rain" in chinese character.  I mean you will be amazed how different compared to characters in English.  However, I dont want you to be overwhelmed.  Just take easy, step by step.  Actually, it's very beautiful.  I love our chinese characters. 

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