Monday, May 28, 2012

Introduing China (I)_I want to see China!!

Today I am gonna introducing one podcast is about his experiences of living in China.  This podcast called, old world/new world couple, life in Shanghai China.  I don't know what is the host name, I guess I will call him Mr. old world, you can download his podcast on itune. Unfortunately, he has no website available so I cant give you his link. 

This guy moved from Buenos Aires to Shanghai China in 2009, in his podcast he gives detailed life of living in Shanghai from picking up in airport, health issue, destination, culture, food, impression and etc. Anthing you can think.  He total has 135 episodes recorded so far. 

So that gives pretty much  A LOT OF information that you want to know when you visit china. People reviewed his podcast in a detailed and genuine way of introduing Shanghai, China. It's worth to check it out, Please, have fun in his sharing.  Thank you guys.

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