Thursday, May 24, 2012

Learning Chinese for Beginners_Lesson 7_How are you ? and what is your name?

In this lesson, I would like to give you guys more vocabulary this time, the vedio I am using is from World Learner Chinese, they have 4 podcast in itune and 3 vedio on youtube now but most of the learning materials are quite old like about 3 years ago.  I like thier sites especially about the forum but their last post is 3 years ago so that means basically no body is using that site anymore. 

First Vedio : It's a little bit long, but most of the time spend on explaining the vocabulary. 

Second Vedio: how you said that what is your name in Chinese?


1. How to say Good Morning in Chinese?

2. How to say Good afternoon in Chinese?

3. How to say Good night in Chinese?

4. How to say " what's your name in Chinese" and how to answer it?

5. How to say " Nice to meet you in Chinese"

6.  Is there another way to say Good Morning in chinese?

Anwers all these 6 questions in the comment I can offer you 15 min free skype Chinese lesson.  I can check your pronunce and practice the conversation or basically you can ask any questions related to learning Chinese, please take chances and hurry up answer all the questions. 

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